Vision & Mission      



Commencement of Operations

BidWinFun plans to commence operations in 2021 after the requisite capital has been secured and the business launches its U.S. based operations. Bid Win Fun has not yet commenced normal business operations however members of the management team have been operating Penny Auction web sites for several years.


Vision Statement

BWF has acquired or purchased the assets of four (4) Penny Auction web sites in order to establish our presence in the Penny Auction industry. These purchases represented some of the best technology in the Penny Auction industry and also offered us access to several large customer databases. Our plan is to utilize the best technology, auction platforms, customer experiences, and marketing methods from these sites in order to build our Penny Auction business and launch as a new brand under a new name.

BidWinFun will become the premier global choice and an industry leader in the Penny Auction market place by incorporating a rewarding shopping and entertainment experience for our customers.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop an expansive array of Penny Auction websites that capitalize on the strong consumer demand for users to bid on high end retail items at a fraction of their cost while providing a fun and exciting experience for the end user. The business model will be customer-service-focused ensuring longevity and loyalty of brand interaction.


Goal StatementsTo develop an "Enterprise" version of our Penny Auction business that consists of a traditional, mobile device and MLM (multi-level-marketing) platform.To launch a global array of Penny Auction web sites based on a deployment plan that maximizes our presence and profitability in each country and region.


  • To develop an extensive customer retention program that results in acquiring and retaining more members than current industry ratios.
  • To design and deploy a customer centric presence on our sites that result in very rewarding and exhilarating shopping experiences for our customers.
  • To continue to acquire additional Penny Auction web sites and operations to increase our market share and global presence.
  • To continually refine and develop the Penny Auction model to open additional channels of revenue and company growth.
  • To seek out technologies and services that will offer future growth to our company and more value-added experiences to our customers.